GOOSE LAKE — The Northeast School Board Wednesday night accepted the resignation of Gary Lueders, long time athletic director, transportation director and principal of Northeast Alternative High School since its inception seven years ago.

Lueders recently was named activities director of Clinton High School.

Bryce Bielenberg was picked to succeed Lueders as principal of the alternative high school, adding that to his duties as elementary at-risk coordinator.

Gregg Mohl was named activities director, adding that to his duties as guidance counselor. He will meet with the board later to discuss the combination of duties.

Peggy Sellnau, currently half-time juvenile court liaison, will add the duties of high school at-risk coordinator. It will increase her hours but not up to full time.

Another resignation came from Barb King, elementary special education teacher.

Devin Hardin was hired to replace King.

Appointed to coaching positions were Dan Wendler, assistant boys basketball, and Stephanie Howe, middle school softball.

Policies reviewed

The school board conducted the annual review of the district’s plan on use of One Cent Sales and Service Tax revenue. The district is expected to receive approximately $360,000 from the tax this year.

Of that amount, $125,000 is applied each year to offset payments on the elementary school bond issue, thus reducing the property tax levy for the bonds.

Another $125,000 to $130,000 each year for five years will be used to make payments on revenue bonds issued to finance the new eight-lane track and athletic lighting projects at the high school.

An advisory committee made up of the superintendent, two school board members, the maintenance supervisor and the business manager will make recommendations to the school board annually on projects to be undertaken.

The board may, but is not required to, hold a public hearing on the proposed recommendations before approving use of the designated funds.

Given first reading was a policy on internal controls designed to prevent and detect fraud, financial impropriety or fiscal irregularities.

Also given first reading was a policy that would give the board secretary, upon approval of the superintendent, authority to pay verified bills when the board is not in session.

The payments must then be presented to the board at its next regular meeting for approval.

Wellness policy expanded

The board gave first reading to a wellness policy that is in compliance with state legislation.

The policy calls for a wellness committee comprised of representatives of the board, parents, employees and leaders in the food and exercise departments.

The policy requires the physical education curriculum to include a wide range of skills to help maintain lifelong health and fitness; competitive and non-completive activities.

Students will not be withheld from physical education class to make up for missed class work or tests or as punishment for behavior unless he/she is withheld from all classes.

Elementary students will be provided with opportunities for daily recess during the school day.

For each student in grades K-12, a cumulative health report shall be developed, which may include a physical fitness assessment score and a body mass index.

In grades K-nine, every child shall receive age appropriate nutrition education, including accepting body size differences and making healthy food choices.

In high school, courses that address nutrition education shall be offered as options.

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