Clinton County officials will share reprecincting plans with citizens next week.

The opportunity to reprecinct occurs every 10 years, following the census. County Auditor Eric Van Lancker said he and Supervisor Jill Davisson believe reprecincting can provide a benefit to the county.

“We believe that we can find some efficiencies by combining some precincts,” Van Lancker said.

A committee comprised of Davisson, Van Lancker and precinct officials from the various county precincts met Tuesday to discuss plans for reprecincting. From the meeting, officials decided to consider a plan that would bring the number of precincts from 30 to 26. This change would reduce the amount of equipment, training and precinct election officials required for county elections.

During recent elections, Van Lancker and his staff have struggled to find precinct election officials for some of the smaller precincts. By combining some of the precincts, Van Lancker said they would have a larger population in which to find precinct election officials.

The reprecincting could also save the county money. The average cost for each polling location during an election is $1,100.

Van Lancker said looking at the next 10 years, the county would also have to replace some of the election equipment. He said they estimate that by going from 30 precincts to 26, the county could save as much as $50,000 during a 10-year period.

Van Lancker said the committee members worked to make combinations and decisions that most people would not have any problems with. Under the plan, the Hampshire precinct and Elk River/Andover precinct would be combined. Camanche and Eden Township would be combined. Low Moor would be made into its own precinct and the Olive/Calamus and Grant precincts would join. Washington and Welton would also be combined, as would Bloomfield and Brookfield.

The county’s plan is due to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office by Oct. 14. Before the Clinton County Board of Supervisors can vote on a resolution to change the precincts, a public hearing will have to be held in September.

Van Lancker said the county is not required to hold any other meetings.

However, Davisson and Van Lancker want to hold the two public meetings next week to garner public input and inform the public about the plan.

A meeting will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at Grossman Hall in Delmar.

A second meeting is scheduled for 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday in conference room B at the Clinton County Administration building.

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