The original installation of the new phone system in Clinton County offices is nearing completion.

Account Executive Roger Killion from Tri-City Communications  on Monday told the Clinton County Board of Supervisors, along with county Information Technology Director Betsy Smith, that the installation of the system should be done by the end of the week. He said a few changes and “tweaking” the system will be done after the installation. This will be when the computer system will be integrated. Smith addressed problems still occurring for the county attorney’s office phone system. She said this is the only office still experiencing problems and it is only on certain calls. Smith said they are fairly certain it is not the network or phone system having the problem. Killion informed the board they will isolate the problem, recording who it happens to, who they were calling and what time it occurred. Once they have the information, he was confident they could resolve the problem.

Killion thanked the county and Building Maintenance Coordinator Rick Laurion for all of their cooperation.