Clinton City Council softened the edges of a controversial nuisance ordinance during its meeting Tuesday night.

A number of people, like members of the Clinton Landlord Association, opposed the city's proposed increase to fines for nuisance properties, such as abandoned vehicles or badly maintained properties.

The city originally proposed a $500 fine for first-time offenders. But the council approved lowering the first-time fine to $250 after Councilmember Mark Vulich, at-large, introduced amendments to the ordinance.

"I think it's just reasonable," Councilmember Jennifer Graf, at-large, said. "We don't mean to take a rent or house payment from someone."

But, she added, the city did want to make a clear point to someone with a nuisance property.

"That's the objective, to clean it up, not to make money for the city," she said.

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