CLINTON — The Clinton County Board of Supervisors is now conducting discussions concerning an employee satisfaction report from Human Resources Consultant Troy Wright.

Wright presented the board with a summary of findings Monday after meeting with county employees in eight human resources sessions recently. Since August, Wright has been hosting a series of training sessions for employees focusing on employment issues including hiring/firing, discipline, documentation, harassment and the Family Medical Leave Act. The sessions will bring the county in compliance with labor law training.

According to Wright’s report, the areas that received the most response from employees were communication, management training, evaluations and job descriptions, IT support, union contracts and safety and security. A note included in the report stated that “the feedback received does not necessarily represent a group of employees and/or a department as a whole.”

The report stated that employees like their work and job responsibilities, but would like more recognition in the workplace. The report said employees expressed there needs to be more formal orientation and training for new employees and noted management needs training on areas such as leadership, managing and compliance. Employees indicated they would like evaluations, job descriptions and the opportunity to evaluate their managers and felt an employee manual is needed for non-union employees. The report indicated a desire for better communication within departments, between departments and from the Board of Supervisors, as well as a desire to know what the board and other departments’ duties are.

In addition, employees advised they would like to see some changes including revision and clarification of union contracts, updating of the vacation policy by doing away with having to take a block of vacation and would like to have an internal person to approach with benefit questions and issues they don’t feel comfortable taking to their managers about. In the interests of efficiency, the report said employees would like to see one person assigned to process the outgoing mail instead of each department handling their own, would like to eat and drink at their work stations and feel a front desk receptionist at the Administration Building is needed. The report indicated employees said all equipment needs inspection and replacement when necessary, noting that radio systems do not work well, and employees said additional information technology support is needed for the county.

Regarding safety issues, employees stated additional security precautions need to be put in place and the key and parking policies need to be reviewed and enforced consistently.

Wright said the main issues had to do with communication and he felt many employees were asking for clarity regarding county policies and procedures. Supervisor Grant Wilke commented that is why the county hired Wright to handle the human resources needs, because the county is lacking in some areas and wants to address those areas in an effort to make the workplace better and more efficient.

Supervisor Dennis Starling said there is not a consistent application of policies from one department to another and said he would like to see more interaction to get the employee manual to where it will be utilized more.

Wright again advised the board to follow the report with a response to employee concerns including an explanation of what issues the board cannot change and what is being done regarding the issues the board is moving to resolve.

The board set a meeting for the morning of Oct. 1 to meet and discuss a formal response to the employees’ feedback.

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