CLINTON — An area resident attended the Clinton County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday to voice her concerns over illegal dumping taking place at the Buffalo Bill Estates mobile home park.

Mary Jackson of Folletts told the board she lives just below the former trailer park, and has seen an increase in the amount of garbage being left at the site.

“Every day I can look out our bedroom window and see a truck or a van or a trailer behind there (unloading items),” Jackson said. “There are a bunch more tires there now than there were three weeks ago.”

Jackson told the board that she and another neighbor are so concerned about the dead animals and trash accumulating at the site, they had their water tested for contamination.

Although Jackson’s water tested clean, the neighbor’s came back positive for nitrates.

Chairman Dennis Starling told Jackson that patrolling of the site has been “stepped up as much as possible” in an effort to prevent further vandalism.

The park was closed in 2007 after the Iowa Department of Natural Resources revoked its waste disposal permit, forcing residents to leave their homes.

The Board of Supervisors declared the site a public nuisance after the 20 to 30 trailers in the park were demolished or scrapped, with the remaining debris left scattered about, and illegal dumping occurring at the site.

Cleanup at the site was put on hold because an interested party was looking into purchasing the property and taking care of the nuisance, but the board found out in January that the private sale fell through.

“We’re back to square one,” Chairman Dennis Starling told the board at that time, pointing out that the county must now restart the process of figuring out how the site should be cleaned up.

County Engineer Todd Kinney was directed by the board to begin the bid process to have the site sampled and tested for asbestos contamination, which must be done before cleanup can begin.

During this week’s meeting, the board passed a resolution awarding the completion of an asbestos survey and inspection at the site to Ames Environmental, Inc. at a cost of $9,427.

The board determined that the cost of testing at the site will come out of this year’s budget, while the cleanup, which may cost as much as $100,000, will have to be taken care of next fiscal year.

Supervisor Jill Davisson stated that the mess at the trailer park has been a thorn in the county’s side for more than two years, but the board will continue to search for a resolution to the problem.

“It seemed like every time we thought we had a plan, somebody told us our plan wouldn’t work,” Davisson stated. “We’ll keep plugging away at it.”