CLINTON — Residents of Clinton and surrounding communities are invited to participate in a local “Health Care Reform Listening Post.”

The public is asked to bring their suggestions on improving our health care system to the Clinton City Hall Council Chambers at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

“Our health care system is not working and we need to help fix it,” said State Sen. Roger Stewart, D-Preston, who will be attending the meeting.

Health care reform is a concern of every family and small business in America.

A statewide commission is currently reviewing Iowa’s health care system and virtually every Presidential candidate has offered a health care reform proposal.

In addition to Stewart, attendees will include other local leaders and Iowa health care advocates.

The Clinton listening post is part of a series of forums intended to help local citizens and community leaders to share their concerns and solutions about how to improve our ailing health care system in Iowa and nationally. The events are being cosponsored by “Working Families Win,” a national, non-partisan grassroots campaign of Americans for Democratic Action, “Iowa for Health Care” and the “Iowa Citizen Action Network.”

“The public comments received at the Clinton listening post will be shared with state and federal elected officials,” said State Sen. Joe Bolkcom, Iowa City, who is helping to organize the event.

Working Families Win focuses on pocketbook issues of concern to working families, including the need for comprehensive health care reform. Iowa for Health Care is working to unite working families, small business owners, seniors, health care workers, community leaders and policy makers to fight for affordable, quality health care.

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