Ryan Jordan and Phalisha Bogus, of Elmwood, Ind., will get married this Friday on an Indianapolis radio station's dime after beating four other couples in a contest.

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An engaged couple whose love of role-playing earned them the nickname "The Nerds" won an Indianapolis radio station's contest and a wedding worth up to $26,000. The catch: Phalisha Bogus and Ryan Jordan won't get married in September 2013, as they had planned, but instead will tie the knot this Friday.

"I was buying stuff here and there, then I found out I had to do it all at once," said Bogus, who initially was against the idea of entering the contest on Dave Smiley's morning show on Indianapolis' WZPL.

Bogus, 23, and Jordan, 25, of Elwood, Ind., competed against four other couples in four elimination rounds. Contests included an "Almost-Newlywed Game;" a game similar to "The Price is Right" (Bogus guessed the price of items on a registry); a contest to pull a Ring Pop from a three-layered cake with one's mouth (Bogus "pressed her face into it and slowly sank her head into the rest of it," said her fiancé); and a talent portion in which the couples sang a duet then performed a movie scene.

Bogus and Jordan sang the Kenny Rogers-Dolly Parton standard, "Islands in the Stream," before acting out the tear jearker scene from the end of "Titanic."

Each pair of contestants had a nickname. Bogus and Jordan got theirs because of their affinity for "Dungeons and Dragons."

The couple met in high school, and both work for the Meijer department store. Jordan is working on a degree in graphic design. Door-hangers he designed for a college project are serving as wedding invitations since they didn't have time to order formal announcements.

According to that invitation, this Friday evening's event, an outdoor affair, will be a "masquerade wedding." Bogus and Jordan are encouraging friends to wear costumes - within reason.

“Like 'Phantom of the Opera,'" he said. “I have a friend who said he would come as Captain America or Thor, and I said, 'No.'"


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