CLINTON — The Clinton School Board held a special session last night to hold a public hearing on an amendment of the current certified budget, and to discuss the compiled list of criteria to be used in the district’s search for a new superintendent. Board Secretary Gayle Isaac advised board members that a budget amendment was necessary because of changes in estimates of expenditures financed from increased receipts and balances not considered in the current budget. Isaac added that the need for a budget amendment is an “annual occurrence,” and assured board members there would be no increase in taxes.

Board President Jim Tuisl asked if any board members had any comments on the “New Superintendent Profile” provided by Linda Hanson and Eric Witherspoon, consultants from School Exec Connect, the search firm assisting the district in it’s superintendent search. Hanson and Witherspoon compiled the list of criteria from information gathered during community focus groups and discussions with district staff members, as well as the 122 completed surveys soliciting feedback from parents and community members.

Board member Thea Engelson stated she felt the profile was an accurate representation of what the district was looking for in a new superintendent.

Tuisl informed board members that 32 applications for the superintendent position have been received, and interviews will begin this weekend.

Breton Williams, executive board member of the Clinton River King and Queen Athletic Booster Club, appeared before the board, before the formal meeting to announce that he has been appointed as the booster club’s school board contact, and to apologize for the conduct of club members at the last school board meeting.

“We want to apologize to all of you for (the) part we played… frankly, the booster club once again failed to appropriately communicate,” Williams said. He also went on to apologize for the e-mail mentioned during the last meeting, stating, “we want it to be clear, that e-mail was not official communication… it was one person acting inappropriately.”

Williams advised board members that in his new role as school board contact, he will assure further communications between the booster club and the board are timely and appropriate.

“We ask for your forgiveness for what has been done wrong to this point and ask that you please accept our sincere apology and help us move forward. We know that you want the Restoring Royalty campaign to succeed also,” Williams said. “This booster club is operating under a new, more traditional format, and I believe that we will be an asset, never a liability, as we move forward.”

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