CLINTON — The Clinton School Board may permanently change its meeting sites from its two static locations to a rotation among the district’s eight schools, in a move that would eliminate televising meetings.

Until now, the board has held televised business meetings at Clinton City Hall, and has held its Committee of the Whole meetings at Clinton High School.

At a business meeting Monday evening at the City Hall council chambers, the board voted unanimously to change its next two meetings to adopt a rotation among the district’s eight schools. The Sept. 28 Committee of the Whole meeting will be held at Jefferson Elementary, and the Oct. 12 business meeting to induct the new board members elected this year will be held at Eagle Heights Elementary.

Superintendent Richard Basden said the board would have a more dynamic presence in the district with a rotating meeting schedule, even though the meetings will no longer be able to be televised.

“There are a lot of really outstanding qualities to doing that,” Basden told the board. “Not only will you get to see the facility, you’ll get to meet with staff, you’ll actually be out in the district.”

The new board will decide Oct. 12 whether to approve changing the schedule through the last board meeting of the school year in June 2010. If the new schedule is approved, meeting sites will rotate among district schools Bluff Elementary, Eagle Heights Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Lyons Middle, Washington Middle, Clinton High and Lincoln High.

The days and times for the meetings would not change with the new locations. Committee of the Whole meetings would continue to be held the second Monday of every month at 7 p.m., and business meetings would remain scheduled for last Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

Rastrelli’s team ‘a very deserving group’

In other action Monday night, the board presented the Stanley Reeves Gold Key Award for the month of September to a management team from Rastrelli’s Restaurant to honor the business’s work in helping the school district with its culinary arts program.

Mike Rastrelli, owner of the restaurant, and his staff worked closely with instructor Brenda Rasche to create “Court Cafe” through an advanced food course at Clinton High School. Rastrelli allowed his chefs to volunteer as mentors for the 10 students, whom Rasche hand picked for the class. The student-run cafe opened in March at the school, with hours scheduled for one period every Friday.

Basden called the management team “a very deserving group.” Honored members besides Mike Rastrelli include his son, Michael Rastrelli, as well as Jason Linker, Bill Michaelson, Diane Miller and Samuel Voss.

Rasche said the team was a vital force in developing the vocationally focused course after the plan was set into place last January.

“I am very, very pleased that they could be a part of our schools, a part of our curriculum and actually a part of our community,” said Rasche. “They spent countless hours coming, mentoring the students, providing them with the good skills they need, providing them with life experiences...with that kind of an attitude and with the team that we have standing before us, I think that our community has been very well served.”

Also Monday night, Basden announced that the school district has obtained approval from the city to do soil testing at the site of a proposed middle school to determine the best construction areas on the property. The 30- to 40-acre parcel of city land is located south of the Ericksen Community Center and south and east of the Mill Creek Crossing subdivision.

The school board met with the City Council in March to make a proposal concerning the acquisition of the land. The district will absorb the costs of the soil testing, after which the city will likely have the land appraised for value.

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