The proposed reorganization of the Preston and East Central school districts may be decided at a public hearing Wednesday.

The hearing will be conducted by the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency in the Ohnward Fine Arts Center, beginning at 7 p.m. The center is located at 1215 East Platt St.

Facing declining enrollment, reduced state funding and stiffer curriculum standards, three area school districts, Preston, East Central and Northeast, first met Feb. 2 to share information and seek ways they could cooperate.

Even before that meeting, Preston and East Central had sent high school students to Northeast several hours a day for upper level math, language and technology, which their home schools could not offer.

But the cost of transporting the students to Northeast and paying for the classes they took became a serious drain on the smaller schools’ budgets.

In April, the East Central School Board made a formal request to Northeast to begin discussions toward whole-grade sharing of students in grades seven through 12.

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