Organizers are looking for as many downtown property owners and business owners as possible to attend Tuesday’s Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District meeting.

Downtown property owners will be discussing reworking the SSMID at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at La Feria.

Topics from the meeting will include implementation, structure, keeping public agencies downtown and the history. Also, the direction of where the Downtown Partnership office would be located and what function that office will have in the future, will be discussed.

The meeting will also include a panel from both sides of the issue. In March, opponents to the 10-year-old special tax on downtown businesses filed a remonstrance petition that shut down the Clinton City Council from adopting it. During a series of meetings since April, current SSMID opponents Dave Rose, Mark Vulich and Jim McGraw, met with Tim Clark, chairman of the Downtown Partnership, and other downtown leaders to discuss altering the SSMID.

With the current SSMID format, property owners agree to pay an extra tax for the overall benefit of the area designated. In Clinton’s case, downtown property owners pay an extra $100 per $1,000 of taxable value. The $210,000 generated from that tax annually funds the salaries of full-time staff within the Downtown Partnership, marketing campaigns for Clinton’s downtown, sidewalk snow removal, landscaping and exterior improvements to downtown buildings.

The plan must be finalized by March 15 for city approval. Organizers would like to begin working on a new draft by September.

All downtown property owners are asked to attend the meeting.