GOOSE LAKE — Northeast Superintendent Jim Cox has informed school board members they may not be able to make a final decision on staff reduction until all stimulus fund information is available.

He has said it may be necessary to terminate one classroom teacher, but he hopes it will be possible to reinstate her later in the summer when the stimulus information is received.

In addition to the lack of stimulus information, the district reached a tentative salary agreement with the teachers’ Northeast Community Education Association this week. Wednesday’s School Board meeting will include a closed session to examine the tentative agreement, and then later, the board will consider the agreement.

If a teacher is to be terminated, notice of the action must be given by a certain date.

Other items on the agenda for the board’s regular meeting Wednesday include:

• Naming of a construction manager for the proposed building of an auditorium/fine arts classroom unit.

• Updates of 28E agreements with the East Central and Preston school districts.

• Summer infrastructure plans.

• Possible hiring of an athletic trainer during football season.

• Announcement of a $4,000 grant for an elementary sun shade structure.

The meeting will be held in the elementary school library, beginning at 7 p.m.

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