A Fulton liquor store owner attended a city council discussion Monday on a possible keg registration ordinance.

Bill Balk, owner of Eagle River Liquor, attended the council meeting to clarify current Illinois regulations and how this ordinance would benefit the county.

Currently liquor stores are already required to log when they sell a keg. However, in cases of police being called to underage parties, it can be difficult to determine where the keg was purchased and who bought it. With this new ordinance, sellers would register and document the kegs with the purchaser’s photo identification, the purchaser’s name, address and individual identification number. Stickers will then be assigned to the keg and attached to it at the time of sale. In case of underage drinking, police would them be able to use the sticker to track who purchased the keg.

In an telephone interview, Fulton Mayor Larry Russell said Balk spoke about how this ordinance would take regulations to the next step on current Illinois regulations. Russell said Balk offered helpful suggestions on the issue.

The ordinance is set to be voted on at the Aug. 15 meeting. Russel said this would be a benefit to law enforcement and another step in preventing people 21 or older from purchasing for underage drinkers.