CLINTON — City Engineer Steve Honse recently explained several upcoming street projects.

Honse said plans and specifications for the South 18th Street project are slated to be complete in October and will be submitted to the Iowa Department of Transportation for approval. He said construction is anticipated to begin early in 2008 and could be complete next summer.

In conjunction with that project, Honse said 18th Avenue Northwest will be constructed as a new access road. Engineer Jason Craft said the street will connect 19th Avenue North to Westview Heights.

Honse said the design of the U.S. 30 project is approximately 85 to 90 percent complete and plans will be submitted to the DOT for approval this year. He estimated bidding for the project could take place in fall 2008 and construction could start in 2009. He said the DOT is continuing with right-of-way acquisition for the Liberty Avenue project from South Fourth Street to 24th Place.

Honse noted that approximately 19 residences in the area have been demolished in advance of the project and he believed 12 to 14 structures would be bid for demolition in the next round. He added that he thinks it is a goal of the DOT to have demolition for the project substantially complete this year, including the Union Pacific car barn.

He said the DOT could be moving forward with asbestos removal in the barn within 90 to 120 days and then continue with demolition and salvage efforts, with hopes to have the operation complete by early next year.

Honse said that as part of the process, concrete at the site will be removed and fill will be installed.

Construction will begin soon on the Woodland Drive/Worth Court street project. Craft said workers will be patching and filling voids under the street as part of a maintenance effort. Honse said a pre-construction meeting is planned for residents affected by the construction and he hopes the project will be complete by winter. Work also will get under way soon for the South 14th Street project in which a section from near Bluff Elementary to 11th Avenue South will be overlaid with asphalt. Honse said he anticipates the project will begin in August and be complete in September.

Honse commented that he received a request from citizens residing along a route from Roosevelt Street to Third Street asking the city to perform an assessment for asphalt paving with curb and gutter. He said the proposed project would go through the assessment process and could be done next year.

No definitive schedule has been set for the North Third Street re-pavement project, which includes mill or take off of the existing surface and installation of an asphalt overlay. Craft said the roadway will be repaired and the project will be done in conjunction with a sewer separation project. Honse said the project work is contingent on the progress of the sewer work, which he hopes will be compete in September.

Honse discussed work to be done on Roosevelt Street near Ninth Avenue North. He said that due to the confined space, curb and gutter work would not be cost effective. He noted the project would be blended into the marina access and a sidewalk would be constructed on the west side of the street.

Honse explained he has been asked to investigate the construction of a left turn lane at 19th Avenue North and Third Street, for safety reasons due to repeated traffic accidents. He said Third Street could be transformed into a three-lane street, with one lane heading both north and south and a center lane for turning. Honse said he is discussing the possibility with the county engineer and would have information regarding the issue available to the city council within the next couple of months.

In Camanche, Public Works Director Dave Rickertsen said three street projects are slated to take place later this year. Rickertsen said work will be done at Ninth Avenue and the bypass within the coming weeks, consisting of the installation of approximately 200 to 300 feet of overlay. The 800 block of 14th Avenue will receive approximately 400 feet of overlay and the 1500 block of Brion Place will get 300 feet of overlay. Rickertsen said that the projects will be completed quickly and signs will be posted closing the area off for the construction work.

Rickertsen said 37th Avenue between Ninth Street and U.S. 67 will be reconstructed. He said the roadway in the area significantly deteriorated over the winter and some tear out will need to be done.

More than 2,000 feet of overlay is estimated. Rickertsen said the project is expected to take several days and the street will serve as a detour when the Ninth Street bridge project is under way.

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