The Board of Trustees for Drainage Districts in Clinton County heard project updates this week.

County Engineer Todd Kinney presented the county’s Board of Supervisors with changes and discussion items for repair projects for drainage districts 15 and 22.

Several issues needed to be discussed on drainage district 15. Kinney recommended the board consider installing two 18-inch and two 24-inch metal culverts along the bank in the district. Small drainage swales draining into line one could be a problem for future maintenance spraying vehicles. While Kinney proposed other options, he said this would be the best one. The board accepted his recommendation and he said he would have a change order prepared to be approved next week.

Other issues were discussed concerning drainage district 15. Low water crossings are causing a raised water surface evaluation in two places: 1,200 feet north of the Wapsipinicon River and in a southern location. An 18-foot diameter culvert with a backfill pipe at the river location is normally dry and allows vehicles to cross. Kinney said this does not seem to cause a significant problem.

The southernmost low water crossing appears to create a water source to flood adjacent areas for wildlife habitat. He said this area needs to be evaluated to determine if a raised water surface is affecting drainage for upstream property owners.

Kinney also reported the need of a large culvert a half a mile from U.S. 61 and a request from a property owner. The property owner requested that approximately 20 oak trees should be saved along the west bank a half mile north of the Wapsipinicon River. The board agreed with the request, with the stipulation that any trees in the channel or on the bank would be removed.

Kinney and the board also discussed a repair project in drainage district 22 from when the Wapsipinicon River blew out part of a ditch. He said according to former Zoning Administrator/ Drainage District Clerk Paul Ketelsen, FEMA funds need to be spent by December and the easements from area property owners are good through  Nov. 1.

Kinney wanted to make sure they get started on the project as soon as possible so the county does not lose funds. FEMA had approved $88,000 to be spent.

Kinney now must revise the bid documents and release a notice of bid letting.

Bids will be submitted to the auditor’s office.

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