CLINTON — Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln addressed the Clinton County Board of Supervisors Monday morning and asked that the board renew a Security Information Policy that would expire July 1.

The policy, pursuant to Iowa Code section 22.7(52)(2006), relates to Iowa House File 2590, an “Act providing for the confidentiality of information concerning security procedures or emergency preparedness information developed and maintained by a government body” if disclosure of the information can jeopardize the safety of employees, visitors or property.

“In a nutshell, it pertains to making certain security records in the county confidential instead of being public record. It may relate to security measures, emergency response protocols, anything that could be used against us and put us more at risk,” Lincoln said. He added that a policy providing for the confidentiality of certain records currently exists, but is set to expire.

Supervisor Jill Davisson noted that the policy puts the protections in place but does not completely restrict dissemination of all security information. Lincoln said that the policy is not that narrowly defined and provides for officials to distribute information if it is determined that the use is justifiable and will cause no harm. The policy allows for the refusal of information distribution if county officials believe the information could be used to jeopardize the safety and security of employees, visitors or property.

Information affected by the security policy would include anything directly related to vunerability assessments, emergency response protocols, architectural, engineering or construction diagrams, information relating to security measures such as security and response plans, security codes and combinations, passwords, restricted area passes, keys and security or response procedures and any information that “if disclosed would significantly increase the vulnerability of critical physical systems or infrastructures of the county to attack.” Governing bodies must have an adopted rule or policy identifying the specific records or class of records to which the policy applies.

Lincoln asked that the board approve that a resolution be drafted adopting the policy. The resolution should be presented to the board for approval next week. If approved, the policy will be effective July 1.

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