Emergency crews and volunteers were busy this weekend following a tornado that touched down in Maquoketa on Saturday, traveling more than 2 miles before dissipating.

Amber Wood, executive director of the Gateway Area Chapter of the American Red Cross, received the call Saturday, after the tornado hit. She said she had volunteers respond to the scene to ensure emergency needs, such as shelter, food, clothing, medical needs and emotional support.

Volunteers worked with the Jackson County Emergency Management and local fire and police departments to make sure that any families that didn’t have another place to stay had a safe place to go for the night.

On Sunday, Red Cross volunteers did one-on-one case work with families that were impacted. Wood said they also provided mass care, giving snacks and beverages to those on the scene, as well as those coming into community center for one-on-one casework. She said many area businesses and community organizations helped by giving supplies and support.

“It’s just wonderful to see how the community comes together to support one another after something like a tornado comes through,” Wood said.

Wood said those helped were primarily from Hillside Homes and Timber City trailer parks. She said two mobile homes from Hillside Homes received major damage and one house receive minor damage. Two mobile homes at Timber City were destroyed and many others received minor damage. She said most were able to return to their homes.

“At this point, we’re just making sure that the emergency needs are met. We’re working with several families that are in need of additional shelter as well as any other emergency need, like the clothing and food and what not,” said Wood.

“We’ll be following up with those families to make sure that they are receiving the services that they need in order to get their lives back on track after the devastation of the tornado.”

Another tornado was reported near the Goose Lake area. Wood said they have not received any calls from the area, but will check today to see if any help is needed.

Wood said this tornado highlights that having emergency supplies and being prepared is critical.

“One of the key things I would like the community to just be aware, is that the information is there and we’re happy to share how they can be better prepared in there homes,” said Wood.

For more information, go to Gatewayredcross.org or call 242-5223.