The annual Clinton County United Way fall fund drive exceeded its goal in contributions.

Mike Kommer, 2009 campaign chairman, said the fundraiser totaled $557,774 in contributions, besting the goal of $555,000. A shift to year-round campaigns has lengthened the time needed to achieve the goal and some small contributions are still being received.

Kommer expressed appreciation to donors for their support and commitment to helping those in need, in spite of the current economy. The DeWitt community division led the campaign with an all-time high of $48,992 in contributions. Special Gifts Division achieved $23,789 and Camanche Division reached $9,015.

The Pacesetter Division reached $368,730 in contributions. The Professional Division reached $29,262 in gifts. The Retail Small Business reached $47,639. Contributions from county residents that work outside the county are estimated at $30,346.

Planning to reach the fall 2010 campaign goal of $560,000 has begun. Fall 2010 campaign chairman Dan Gau is assembling his campaign committee and setting event dates. 

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