There's no question toddlers are capable of making some serious messes, and the latest viral video making the rounds on YouTube claims to show a truly epic mess made by two boys and a bag of flour.

But the real question is -- did it really happen that way? Some viewers are wondering about the video's truthfulness, while others are simply enjoying the footage of the boys and the mother's reaction.

The video starts in a flour-coated hallway and moves to the living room -- where the mom finds the floor, both couches and even picture frames coated in flour. That the flour mess appears so uniformly distributed is the first suspicious thing. The second is that the toddlers, ages 1 and 3, seem completely unfazed at being caught by their mom.

Mom, meanwhile, can only mutter, "Oh my gosh."

The woman who uploaded the video insists it wasn't staged. Either way, we're betting the work involved with cleaning up the mess was very real indeed.