WELTON — Four years after voting to establish a municipal water system, Welton residents can turn the faucets for city water, and they can drive on streets without potholes.

Mayor Janet Huffman said at the May 5 council meeting she has received a few complaints that the water pressure is too strong, but she said most residents are happy with it.

In at least one case, the pressure was blamed for a burst pipe, but Matt Saur, the engineer on the project, said he had checked the pressure and it is in the normal range.

The broken pipe may have been old and/or rusted, he said.

There were some complaints about the resurfacing of the streets, too, especially that the asphalting didn’t go as far as expected.

But Huffman said she asked the contractor, Determann Asphalt Paving, about that and was shown that the company had contracted for 2,850 feet and actually put down 3,000 feet.

Huffman said she also had been asked why no rock was placed along the sides of the asphalted area. While the contractor for the water mains may have been responsible for rock on one side of the streets, some residents pointed out no rock was placed on the other side either.

The council is expected to discuss the issue at a future meeting.

Three requests were received seeking permission to keep private wells, for outside use only, while other wells were capped as a requirement for the receipt of a grant.

Ken Kruger’s petition was denied because his well is within the area where benzene contamination was found several years ago.

Another resident with a well within the plume area, told the council earlier that he had his well tested and the water was safe.

He argued the contamination may have dissipated, but the council was advised the earlier map of the contaminated area must rule.

That resident did not apply for a variance.

Two petitions for permission to use their well water, for outdoor use only, were approved because they are not within the plume area. Those residents were Mike Fuller and Duane Sullivan.

Second reading was given to the water rate ordinance and the third reading was waived. Thus the rate of $85 per month for up to 3,000 gallons and $2.60 for each additional 1,000 gallons is now in effect.

No comments were received during a public hearing on a proposed amendment to the current year’s budget, so the amendment was approved by the council.

The amendment provided for increased revenue due to grants and interim loans for sewer upgrades and receipt of a gaming grant for the water project. Increased costs were due to street repairs; wages for water project; wages for audit; purchase of well/land and for municipal well treatment facilities and storage tank.

There also were increased expenses for replacement of septic tanks and pumping of septic tanks.

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