Residential customers’ water bills will see an average increase by approximately $2.10 per month while the Iowa Utilities Board reviews a permanent rate request in an ongoing rate case with Iowa American Water.

The Iowa Utilities Board on Friday granted the Iowa American Water company an estimated 6.93 percent temporary rate increase. This increase could generate approximately $2.29 million of additional annual revenue for the utility.

On April 29, Iowa-American filed its proposal for a permanent annual revenue increase of approximately $5.1 million (16.04 percent) and its temporary rate increase request of $4.4 million (13.72 percent.) Iowa-American serves approximately 60,900 customers in Iowa.

Private fire rates in Clinton will not increase in temporary rates. The board will investigate rate design issues for private fire service in this case, based on feedback received at customer comment meetings in June.

 Iowa law requires temporary rates be established based on specific criteria and principles and are subject to customer refund, with interest, should the board establish final rates that are lower than temporary rates. This rate case will continue with an evidentiary hearing during the week of Nov. 7 in Des Moines to cross-examine witnesses.

The hearing will be open to the public, but will not be a forum for public comments like the June customer comment meetings held in Clinton and Bettendorf. The board’s decision on permanent rates is expected by the end of February 2012.

Written public comments are accepted in this rate case, identified as Docket No. RPU-2011-0001.

According to the Iowa Utilities Board, the most effective written comments are concise and make specific points about why someone supports or objects to the rate request. More information about this rate case and an electronic comment form is available at

Written comments may also be mailed to the Iowa Utilities Board, Executive Secretary, Docket No. RPU-2011- 0001, 1375 East Court Avenue, Room 69, Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069.

Representatives for Iowa American Water could not be reached for comment.

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