When driving on the riverfront, it’s hard not to wonder why the top floor of the marina is sitting vacant. It’s also difficult to read about projects like the expansion of 19th Avenue North to Mill Creek Parkway for years and not see construction crews at work.

In the first ever “Here’s the answer,” the Clinton Herald will help answer some of the questions people around town may have about what’s going on in the community.

Clinton officials have taken steps this year to address some of the pertinent issues around town but keeping track of all their actions can be difficult even for the biggest news junkies.

Here is a closer look at where things stand in Clinton.

What is being done to find a restaurant owner for the marina amenities building?

Last month, the council approved hiring Jim Mezvinsky, an attorney from Davenport who recently helped open a restaurant in the Quad-Cities, to locate an owner and investors for the building that overlooks the Mississippi River. The council also approved the formation of an ad hoc committee to help oversee the process.

The committee has met several times but have not released names of a possible restaurateur.

At-Large Councilman Ron Mallicoat, a liaison to the committee, said he has talked with an interested owner, but the best-case scenario would be having an operator by next spring


When will construction begin for the extension of 19th Avenue North to Mill Creek Parkway?

Timelines have been pushed back but city engineer Jason Craft said the first phase of the project could be let out in October. Phase 1 would go from Mill Creek Parkway to Springdale Drive. He said Phase 2 could be let out in April, which would bring the road up to Randall Court.

The final phase of the project remains unfunded. The city is currently seeking $2.5 in grants from the federal government. So when people will be able to make the direct drive from the north bridge to Mill Creek remains unclear.

When will pay raises for the mayor and city council kick in?

Council members salaries are set to be doubled from $3,000 to $6,000 at the beginning of next year. The mayor’s salary will not go into effect until the next mayor is sworn in in 2012.

Council members said pay raises were long overdue. It will be the first raise for the council and mayor in 19 years.

How much will sewer bills go up?

At this point nobody knows, but the general consensus is there will be a hike. Federal mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency are requiring the city to construct a new wastewater treatment plant, which could cost $66 million.

Clinton has partnered with Camanche and Low Moor on the project but they are still in negotiations about how to structure the debt.

Officials have approved allocating funds from the one cent local option sales tax to provide some relief, but the measure will need approval from voters in November. The tax brings in about $3 million a year.

When will the new city administrator start?

Jeffrey Horne, 43, said Oct. 12 will be his first day on the job. Horne will be making the move from Mitchellville, where he served as the city administrator.

Horne said his first priority will be getting to know the city employees and people of Clinton.

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