CLINTON — The Clinton City Council Committee of the Whole will discuss implementation of the sprinkler system requirement to the fire code and enacting of an interim building code and fee structure for projects subject to the state building code following the regular business meeting on Tuesday.

According to the drafted ordinance, the ordinance shall apply to all newly constructed buildings and structures of which the construction is paid for in whole or in part with money appropriated by the state and are subject to plan review and construction requirements. The ordinance would adopt the International Building Code 2006 Edition, International Mechanical Code 2006 Edition, the Uniform Plumbing Code 2000 Edition and National Electrical Code 2005 Edition.

Amendments to the International Building Code are listed in the ordinance. Changes include voiding all references to the building line and zoning, deleting Section 103 Department of Public Safety, replacing references to “Building Official” with “Planning Director,” replacing references to the “Board of Appeal” with “Clinton City Council” and changing wording to allow the council to seek input from experienced and trained persons for matters pertaining to building construction. The amendment also will delete several chapters regarding mechanical systems, plumbing systems and electrical and replace them with the International Mechanical Code 2006 Edition, Uniform Plumbing Code 2000 Edition and the National Electrical Code 2005 Edition.

The council also will discuss an appeal of a demolition order for 655 Sixth Ave. South, a Traffic Study Commission referral to remove the “no parking” restriction on Sixth Avenue South adjacent to the Historical Society building and hear the city administrator’s report.

The council will hold two public hearings during the council meeting Tuesday night. One public hearing will be held to solicit public comment on granting an air space easement for the Tucker Building at 519 S. Third St. for the purpose of constructing a fire escape and permanent awnings. The second will be held to discuss proposed Amendment No. 2 to the City Housing Partnership Urban Renewal Plan.

Following those discussions, the council may take action on resolutions:

n determining an area of the city to be an economic development area, and that the rehabilitation, conservation, redevelopment, development, or a combination thereof, of such area is necessary in the interest of public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the city; designating such area as appropriate for an Urban Renewal Project; and adopting Amendment No. 2 to the City Housing Partnership Urban Renewal Plan;

n approving a 28E Agreement between the city of Clinton and the Clinton Community School District establishing a school resource officer program;

n amending the City Administrator’s employment contract; and

n the second and third consideration of an ordinance amending Chapter 165.02 of the ordinances of the city of Clinton by changing the zoning classification of Mill Creek Crossing, located adjacent to North 18th Street and Mill Creek Parkway within the city of Clinton.