The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

April 12, 2014

Camanche native tapped to head North Scott schools

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — A Camanche native will return to his roots this June, after being selected as the new superintendent for the North Scott Community School District.

Joe Stutting, a 1987 graduate of Camanche High School, has been away from his hometown for nearly 27 years and although he will be moving a little further south to Eldridge, he couldn’t be happier to be back in Eastern Iowa.

“We’ve always called Camanche and Eastern Iowa home,” Stutting said about his wife and family. “We’ve traveled there so often, that even my kids call it home and they’ve never even lived there.”

Until recently that is. Stutting’s son now calls himself a resident of Camanche along with his wife and two daughters, joining several other family members in the river city.

It was because of that heavy family presence, including his parents and his wife Jamie’s parents, in Camanche and surrounding areas in Eastern Iowa, that accepting the position at North Scott was a no-brainer.

Plus it didn’t hurt that Stutting felt he would be a good fit at the school district and the district a good fit for him.

“Not only is North Scott a great school district but obviously the draw to come home is huge,” Stutting said. “North Scott’s a place that I can finish off my career. As a superintendent you hope that you can be around for 20 some years but I also understand that things change. We’re just hoping we come home and it’s our last move.”

One issue that is hindering that move is Stutting’s daughter. Next year she will begin her senior year of high school but has yet to decide where she will attend that final year. Stutting has given her the option to stay in their current town of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., or join him in Eldridge and attend the North Scott School District to close out her high school education.

He is hoping she will decide to join the North Scott district so he can have his entire family with him on this new venture, but because the offer came on such short notice, he understands her desire to stay.

“We never anticipated moving until after she graduated but positions like North Scott don’t open up everyday,” Stutting said. “If she were to chose to stay up here my wife will stay here as well and I will just move to Eldridge by myself. If she chooses North Scott then we’ll have to find a house as quickly as possible. Hopefully that decision will come soon.”

Stutting’s first official day with the North Scott Community School District is July, 1 and he is hoping by then he and his family will have settled in comfortably into their new home in Eldridge.

By then he also expects to have established some relationships with people of the community and district.

“One of the things North Scott said they were looking for was someone who was active in the community,” Stutting said. “That’s part of the job and part of who I am. In a district of 3,000 students you have to make that effort to get out. It’s a challenge and, it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to.”

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