The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 19, 2013

Deadline approaches for election

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CAMANCHE — Time is running out for Camanche City Council nominations and newcomers will have to face off against a few council veterans this election.

There are currently three City Council seats that are up for grabs, and candidates will have until 5 p.m. today for an opportunity for a seat at the table.

Incumbents Gary Kampe and Greg Nelson are taking their chances on securing those seats for another two years.

“I just think we are doing some good here and I’d like to keep going with it,” Nelson said.

Along with Nelson, Kampe also has filled out his nomination papers, but he still is not sure if he will follow through with running for a seat on the council for another term.

His hesitation comes from his interest in wanting to see other candidates, before making his final decision.

“The only reason I’m re-running at the time is there was no one else to compete. What I’m going to do is talk to the two young guys and see what their interest is,” Kampe said. “This town could always use young blood. So, I just want to make sure that they’re going to turn their papers in before I decide to pull mine.”

Those new guys Kampe referred to include, Mike McManus, Charlie Blount and Marvin Lind, who have already turned their papers in, and another candidate that took nomination papers out, but has yet to make his candidacy official.

Councilwoman Linda Kramer, whose council seat is also opening up this year, is taking a page from Kampe’s book and waiting to see who joins the nomination group before making her final decision to run.

Although she has taken the nomination papers out, she is taking a step back to wait and see what other candidates join the race, but is reserved about why she is waiting.

“I’ll wait; I’ll wait until the last minute,” Kramer said. “I’ll hold out.”

The three council seats are not the only ones on the chopping block this year. The position of mayor is also up for election this November and current Mayor Ken Fahlbeck will not be the only candidate vying for the position.

Councilman Trevor Willis will take a stab at becoming mayor of Camanche, a decision he has been pondering for a couple of months.

“I just think the city needs stronger leadership; that’s one of the main reasons,” Willis said. “My thing is just be as honest as I can with the people and try to affect change, try to affect the policies adopted in this city by working closely with the city council.”

His biggest competitor, Fahlbeck, has decided he will run for a second term because he feels there are still a few things he has left to do for the city of Camanche.

“I’ve got some things that I haven’t accomplished yet that I’d like to get accomplished,” Fahlbeck said. “I’ve got a sound mind with the budget. I want to keep our departments clean with their budgets to where I don’t want to have to raise taxes. That’s one of my main issues.”

Fahlbeck also said he has one other issue that he would like to see handled before his time as mayor comes to an end, but plans on using that as his platform for the upcoming election.