The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

June 3, 2014

Road annexation will be considered by state

By Samantha Pidde Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — Clinton County Engineer Todd Kinney and the Board of Supervisors will move on with a plan to submit an annexation proposal to the state of Iowa’s City Development Board for a portion of Anamosa Road in Camanche. Kinney says the process could take several months.

The discussion of annexing three “island” areas that border Anamosa Road came from severe road damage and the city of Camanche’s request that Clinton and the county would share some of the potential repair costs.

Kinney told the board Monday that the easiest thing would be to annex the county property to Camanche. He presented a recommendation to the city of Camanche that it voluntarily accept the annexation of the property.

However, during a recent meeting of the Camanche City Council, City Attorney Tom Lonergan suggested that instead of accepting the voluntary acceptance, it lets the county handle the annexation process. Supervisor John Staszewski expressed confusion as to why Camanche would deny the request when the city asked for assistance in fixing the road. Kinney said that fixing the road is one thing for Camanche, paying for it is another.

Kinney will begin working to prepare the legal description of each of the areas, which he expects to take some time. Once the annexation documents are sent to the City Development Board, the board will review them and make a determination of what needs to happen. Kinney said this process could potentially be delayed even further if the private property owners resist the annexation.