The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 6, 2013

Fahlbeck retains mayoral seat

By Amy Kent
Herald Staff Writer

CAMANCHE — Voters in Camanche have spoken and have unofficially chosen Mayor Ken Fahlbeck to remain as the leader of the city and the head of the Camanche City Council.

Fahlbeck received 609 of 1,049 unofficial mayoral votes on Tuesday, beating his opponent Trevor Willis, 58.06 percent to 41.85 percent.

“It feels good. I think the citizens spoke of what they wanted,” Fahlbeck said. “I’m going to be happy to serve another two years to voice their opinions and try to direct the council in the matter of the citizens.”

With the defeat to Fahlbeck, Willis will retain his seat at the Camanche City Council table, a venture he is prepared to continue.

“It was a win, win for me,” Willis said. “I didn’t have any expectations and knowing I had my council seat to fall back on, it wasn’t that big of a loss. I will go about my business as I always I have.”

Now, as the final tallies begin to trickle in, Fahlbeck feels confident in his victory as mayor, but also with the community’s activism to get out and vote.

“I’m happy with the results of the elections because of the turnout,” Fahlbeck said. “I think the people got out and voiced their opinions because they changed the whole council.”

Fahlbeck feels his continued support of the community and voicing the citizens’ opinions in the past is what played in his favor for this election.

“I think the history of me being on the council for six years and as mayor two years, I have always spoke the people’s voice and opinions,” Fahlbeck said. “They’ve always replied back to me how much they appreciate that and it’s an honor to serve them.”

As for Willis, he congratulated Fahlbeck on the victory and is ready to get back to work for the people of his community that have support his role on the city council.

“I congratulate Kenny and I would like to thank all those that supported me and will continue to support me,” Willis said. “I will continue to do the best I can for this community in my role as council member.”