The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 28, 2012

Greufe hired to lead city administrator search

By Katie Dahlstrom
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — A resolution to hire Clinton’s current human resource consultant to lead the search for the next city administrator went into effect Wednesday — without Mayor Mark Vulich’s signature.

The resolution to hire Paul Greufe was passed 4-2 by the City Council earlier this month, but Vulich said he wouldn’t sign it and could have vetoed it. However, as of Dec. 26, Vulich hadn’t taken any action, making the resolution operational, according to City Attorney Jeff Farwell.  Greufe attended the City Council’s meeting on Dec. 18 to talk more about what he would do if he were to lead the search. He suggested letting the community be involved in the process to find a replacement for former City Administrator Jeff Horne who resigned at the request of the City Council last month following a several week leave.  

The new administrator could be in place within three months if the city took an aggressive approach.  If that were the case, the council-floated idea to hire an interim wouldn’t be necessary, officials agreed. On the other hand, if the project were to span a year, the city should hire an interim, Greufe said.  

 Greufe also shared that the 175 hours he anticipates to work on the project to find the next city leader would cost around $22,000.  

He is expected to attend the council’s meeting Jan. 8 to further discuss the search process.