The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

March 21, 2014

Savanna man sentenced in meth case

By Samantha Pidde Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — A Savanna, Ill., man has received a suspended prison sentence in connection with a May 2013 methamphetamine bust in Camanche.

On Feb. 20, Anthony Green, 31, admitted to purchasing pseudoephedrine, pleading guilty to conspiracy to manufacture meth. Thursday, Clinton County District Court Judge Joel Barrows sentenced him to no more than 10 years in prison. The prison term then was suspended.

Assistant Clinton County Attorney Amanda Myers recommended that Green be given a suspended sentence, as per the pre-sentencing investigation report. She explained that he has no other drug convictions and his only convictions are two charges of operating while intoxicated. She told Barrows it was his decision on whether to require completion of the Residential Corrections Facility program, but she did not feel it was necessary.

Defense Attorney Matt Noel asked Barrows to not order Green to the RCF, which is based in Davenport. He added that his client currently owns a home in Savanna and has maintained employment for six years.

‘He’s never been in trouble like this before,” Noel.

Myers did voice some concern that Green stated in the PSI that he does not have an alcohol problem and never used controlled substances, even though he tested positive for meth. He is seeking substance abuse treatment in Mount Carroll, Ill.

The charges against Green come from a May 17 search warrant executed at 620 Third Ave., Camanche, based on a drug investigation opened in January 2013. The search revealed items consistent with the manufacturing of meth, as well as one-pot labs and methamphetamine.

Kimberly Lane, Nathan Green, Charles McKenrick, Seth Green, David Shamp and Tonya Palmer all were charged with related offenses.

Noel told the court his client was not involved with the manufacture itself. He provided the pills to Nathan Green and Shamp for a ride to work.

“He did know what they were doing with them. We’re not going to say he is not responsible,” Noel said

Lane and Nathan Green both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture meth, receiving a sentence of no more than 10 years in prison and to child endangerment and were sentenced to serve no more than five years. McKenrick was ordered to serve as much as five years each for possession of precursors and child endangerment.

Seth Green received a deferred judgement and three years probation each for charges of conspiracy to manufacture meth and possession of precursors. Palmer received a deferred judgment and three years probation for conspiracy to manufacture meth. David Shamp was ordered to serve no more than five years in prison, which was suspended, for possession of meth precursors.

“It’s very, very troubling to me that you appeared to have used methamphetamine before your PSI,” Barrows said.

However, he agreed that the RCF program was unwarranted. Barrows also denied Noel’s request for a deferred judgement, instead sentencing Green to the suspended prison sentence and three years of probation. He also waived the mandatory minimum sentence.

Green was fined $1,000. which was suspended. He was ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling, submit a DNA sample and submit to random urinalysis screening. His driver’s license was suspended for 180 days.

“You are given a chance here, but you are on a pretty short leash,” Barrows said. “You’ve got to get a grip (on his substance abuse problem.)”

A charge of possession of meth precursors was dismissed.