The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

October 15, 2013

New school board members welcomed

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON —Two new board members were welcomed to the Clinton School Board on Monday.

Dana Evers and Eric Gettes were sworn in on Monday at the first regular school board meeting of their four-year terms, and each were ready to take on the responsibilities appointed to them by the city of Clinton.

“I am excited to get started,” Gettes said. “I’m ready to start attacking some of the problems and issues we have here on the school board.”

Gettes and Evers understand the school system after many years employed with the Clinton Community School District, and now they will take on a different role with the district.

The two were voted in at the September school board elections, upsetting incumbent Missey Sullivan-Pope and newcomer Eunice Schexsnyder-Short for the vacant seats.

Taking on a seat at the school board table can be a daunting and pressure filled task, something Evers learned quickly at Monday’s meeting.

“All this technology can get a little confusing at times but I am excited to get into it,” Evers said. “I think we will have some tough decisions ahead but I am excited to take them all on.”

Veteran board members Jack Wenzel and Gregg Obren joined Gettes and Evers to be sworn in on Monday, a ceremony they are used to experiencing.

Former board president Obren led the nominations by choosing Jim McGraw to take his seat as school board president. Without any objections from the board, a unanimous decision sent McGraw to the center of the table and to the top of the Clinton Community School Board.

Obren also nominated board member Wenzel to the right-hand-man position as vice president and again, without objection, Wenzel was sent to his position next to McGraw to lead the board for the remainder of the meeting.

Monday represented more than choosing leaders and welcoming newcomers though. For Evers and Gettes it was the first step toward a direction both of them have wanted to travel.

“I’ve been interested in joining the school board for a long time,” Gettes said. “This is the first official meeting and I have a lot to learn. I know everyone on this board and I am looking forward to learning from all of them.”