CAMANO ISLAND, WA (KOMO/CNN) - Police in Washington are searching for a person of interest in the death of a woman whose decapitated body was discovered over the weekend.

The woman was found near a hillside bunker, filled with firearms and ammunition. A local paper described the bunker as “survivalist,” reporting it was filled with a “cache of supplies, firearms and ammunition.”

Police are still searching for 34-year-old Jacob Gonzales, a man police have identified as a “person of interest” in the death of 26-year-old Katherine Cunningham. Investigators believe the two may have been living on the property.

The case has rattled the quiet Camano Island community.

Neighbor David Gustafson called it "an eerie feeling knowing this woman was being murdered pretty much in my back yard."

Authorities said Gonzales may be driving a green 1990 Mitsubishi Montero with Washington plates “AYE2639.”

“As soon as I saw that green Mitsubishi on the news today, I was like. ‘Oh, yeah I've seen that go by my house quite often,’" Gustafson said.

Until someone is arrested, Gustafson said he won't let his kids play outside.

He said he installed a security camera on his property in the aftermath to keep watch.

“I’m never going to forget what happened behind my house. I mean, that's never going to go away," he said.

Authorities say the items found in the bunker were seized.

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