PHILADELPHIA, PA (RNN) - The Philadelphia Eagles had never won a Super Bowl before Sunday, so it’s understandable their fans wouldn’t know how to celebrate.

If there is an exact science to a proper Super Bowl celebration, some Eagles fans missed the mark. Case and point: A food fight and riot that took place inside a Sunoco gas station that left the store trashed with displays, shelves knocked over and a hole in the wall at the back of the store.

Police released surveillance video of the incident from around midnight Feb. 5.

The video shows several men and women, many of them still decked out in Eagles gear, enter the store after the big game. They took food and sodas from the shelves and threw them everywhere.

Some of the items landed on other people, some landed outside the store, most landed on the floor. The mob stumbled over the slippery floor it created on its way out of the store.

Investigators are looking for dozens of people, and have turned to the internet for help. They want anyone with information about the incident to contact the South Detective Division at 215-686-3013 or 215-686-3014.

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