GOOSE LAKE — The Goose Lake senior citizens met recently for their annual Christmas party. They had 39 seniors in attendance. A moment of silence was held for Arnie Bormann who recently died. Sympathy went to Marlene and Gilbert Bott and family on the recent death of Duane Hagge.

December birthdays were celebrated by Jan Bormann, Linda Wagner and Jim O’Dell. Jim and Paula O’Dell celebrated their anniversary Dec. 22. Marlene and Gilbert Bott recently celebrated their anniversary in November. 2018 schedules were given out. Five-hundred winners were Donna Aude, Marlene Bott, Betty Banowetz, Joanne Corey and Pat Funnell who won the second to low prize.

Other door prizes were given to Bob Richmond, Jim Driscoll, Claire Butz and Jan Wede.

The seniors will meet at noon Jan. 17 for a potluck and cards. All seniors are welcome to attend.

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