CLINTON — Imagine what it would feel like to be fully grounded in your body and radiate confidence, charisma, presence and power. What if you could share this experience with others who are equally committed to their own transformation?

At the Tapping Into Your Wellpower Fall Retreat on Saturday, Sept. 23, you will learn to easily tap into this well of power and consistently put it into practice. The retreat will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Rickert Lodge in Bellevue.

“Give yourself the gift of a day to retreat from the noise and demands of your life and listen to where life is calling you,” said retreat leader Penny Plautz. “This day is all about awareness and appreciation. We’ll be looking at and appreciating where you’ve been, how that brought you to where you are now, and how all this influences where you want to go next. Then we’ll provide you with plenty of useful tools to get there.”

Plautz is a transformational coach, ACE certified fitness instructor, author of Body Confidence from the Inside Out, publisher of the Midlife MacGyver blog, and creator of the Sunday Summer Stretch Series videos.

Through tapping, journaling, movement, and laughter she and her coaching team will help you pinpoint the places where you get stuck and show you how to take easily executable action steps. You’ll leave with the right resources to catapult you out of your comfort zone and into your curiosity zone where you listen to where life is calling you. This simple mind-body technique allows you to quickly access your limiting beliefs and gently work through the resistance that stops you from moving toward what lights you up.

The Tapping Into Your Wellpower Fall Retreat will include exploring the Labyrinth, learning to tap, uncovering your goals, and techniques to help you reach your goals. Registration is required by calling 244-7100. The course number is 187804. The fee is $129 through August with a price increase on Sept. 1. For more information, contact Plautz at (563) 652-5000.