The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 3, 2012


By Samantha Pidde
Herald Staff Writer

DEWITT — Adam Blank, assistant Clinton County attorney, 29, of DeWitt, never planned to be an attorney.

It wasn’t until Adam was in his fourth year of college, working toward a marketing degree, that he seriously considered law school. His father, a retired police officer, inspired him to go into law.

Adam has worked with the private practice of Pillers and Richmond in DeWitt for the past three years. Originally from Long Grove, he always wanted to live near his home and enjoys practicing in a small town.

He always has been interested in prosecution. He did an internship at the Clinton County Courthouse. When a position became available, he jumped at the chance. He said if he didn’t go for the position, he would regret it later. He began as assistant county attorney on Oct. 22.

Adam is excited about his new role. As a prosecutor, he said he will be able to represent not only one victim, but the public as well. He hopes the position will allow him to do more good.

Adam will focus on victim and personal crimes, as well as magistrate court. These first two weeks have been hectic. He said he still has some learning to do on how to be a great prosecutor. He has been working on a stack of case files and observed a criminal trial alongside Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf.

Adam has enjoyed meeting different people in the courthouse and is excited to represent the people of Clinton County.

In his free time, Adam enjoys spending time with his family. He also is a Hawkeye fan and enjoys cooking, hunting and fishing.