The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

January 31, 2014

A very faithful journey

By Samantha Pidde Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — Serving at the Community Reformed Church for almost six years, the Rev. Bob Hoffman tries to be an active part of the Clinton community.

“I really sense that the church needs to be involved in the community. That’s where it’s at,” Bob, 62, of Clinton, said.

Members of the church have served on mission trips and volunteered locally with Hearts and Hands and Habitat for Humanity. Others are currently volunteering at Bluff Elementary School.

“That kind of stuff fires me up,” Bob said. “I think God has wired me that way, to serve.”

Growing up in Michigan, several factors began leading him to the ministry. A few uncles and great uncles were pastors and Bob was drawn to this path.

“The seed was always there. The seed was planted,” Bob said. “I felt that God was leading me toward the religious route.”

While attending Hope College, Bob struggled with whether to study mathematics — which he really enjoyed — and religion. While he believes he would have served God through mathematics as well, he agrees he made the right choice.

Bob started in the ministry in 1977, four years after marrying his wife Sally. Sally and Bob have three children and three grandchildren and will celebrate 41 years in May.

While still in the seminary, Bob had an internship in New Jersey. He and Sally would travel into New York frequently. He said the experience expanded his horizons, showing him the different aspects of his religion.

Most of Bob’s church career was spent in Oregon, Ill., before he moved to Clinton six years ago. Throughout the years, he has enjoyed visiting with his congregation, working with youth, teaching and preaching.

On Sunday, Feb. 9, he will have a chance to use his preaching skills during a special 2 p.m. celebration sponsored by Clinton Ministerial Association at Community Reformed Church, 747 N. 12th St. This annual gathering allows the area’s approximately 60 faith communities to worship together.

Bob added that too often people focus on the differences between the denominations, instead of what brings them all together — Jesus Christ.

“It’s a way for Christians to express the oneness we have in Christ,” Bob said. “There is one church.”