The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

November 7, 2013

Business owner shows artistic side

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — DEWITT — Wilson’s Floral and Gifts owner Debra Schaver is showcasing a new side to her artistic talent, now until Nov. 30 at the First Central Art Gallery at the DeWitt Operahouse Theater.

Typically known for the floral designs she creates at her boutique, Schaver also has a hand and eye for watercolor paintings, 16 of which are featured at the art gallery.

This is Schaver’s second art show since she began her foray into painting eight years ago, and she is excited for the opportunity to showcase her work again.

“This is my second gallery show, so it’s pretty exciting,” Schaver said. “To have an opportunity to show my art is always exciting.”

Some of the work that will be featured for the remainder of the month at the gallery include Schaver’s extensive and detailed animal paintings and landscape scene paintings, two of her favorite subjects.

When creating those watercolor pieces, Schaver likes to take solace in her screened-in porch at her Albany home, a place where she feels connected to the nature around her.

“I have an art room in my house but I like to paint on my screened-in porch,” Schaver said. “I feel more relaxed there and being in nature helps feed (my) creativity.”

Feeding that creativity is something all artists strive for, and when she is unable to satisfy it with her painting, Schaver turns to her experience working with floral arrangements.

“I get my creativity challenged here on a daily basis,” Schaver said. “My creativity still has to be fed so if I weren’t doing this, I would probably paint more.”

She describes her first painting, a gazebo covered in a variety of colored flowers, as “atrocious” but says, at the time, it was something she was proud of.

Now, as she becomes more invested in her painting, Schaver looks back on the day she began painting and the struggles she had with herself when deciding if she wanted to give it a try.

“I was looking at the watercolor box my kids had bought; it was a nice box,” Schaver said. “Then God said to me ‘It’s only paper,’ and I thought ‘Wow, I can throw my mistakes away.’”