The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

June 17, 2013

Bluegrass festival launches more plans

By Amy Kent
Herald Staff Writer

FULTON, Ill. — The first Bluegrass Festival commenced Saturday and the city of Fulton saw a successful turnout.  

Event organizer Bob Whitten said the day turned out to be a huge success.

“It went really well.  It’s crazy how many people came out to the very first one; we are already planning the next one,” Whitten said.

Five bands from around the Midwest made the trip to Fulton for the festival and the community welcomed them with open arms.  

Fulton native Ruth Braden, a long-time bluegrass fan, has traveled all around to attend bluegrass concerts and said this one compared to some of her favorites.

“I have always gone to bluegrass events and this one was great, we need to have it again,” Braden said.

One major reason for the success of the event was the outpouring of support from the city of Fulton.  Whitten said his sponsors and the city were the only way the day could have come together.  

“The city has been great,” Whitten said.  “They have been behind me from day one.”

The next step for Whitten is to approach the City Council to request the building of a permanent stage at Heritage Canyon. Once the stage is build Whitten plans to organize future events.  

 “Hopefully next year we will be able to have more than one event.  The more we promote the more successful these things will become,” Whitten said.