The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa


May 3, 2013

Going for the grade: CHS, Prince of Peace lauded for students taking AP exams


The push for student pursuit of more difficult coursework has brought CHS to a point where nearly half of its students are in an honors or AP course, which school administrators hope will aid them in their journey beyond high school.

"If you are going to take some post-secondary opportunity, be it at Clinton Community College, a university or even the world of work, you need to do something. You need to be in a rigorous track," Tharaldson Jones said.

Schrader pointed to evidence that suggests a student's success could be related to taking an AP exam.

"Research shows, from the College Board, that you're 50 percent or more likely to go to college and be successful in that period of time and get your degree. It's because you've had that experience and had that academic trauma while you're here with us so you kind of know how to handle it and can adjust. It gives them some perseverance," she said.






The AP index was developed in 2005 by the University of Iowa's Belin-Blank Center to recognize the top 50 Iowa accredited public and nonpublic high schools for providing AP opportunities for high school students.

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