The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa


September 10, 2013

By the Book: Annual book sale at Elijah Buell school


“We have 11 school (class) rooms, some of them doubled, plus the gymnasium that are filled with books,” Friends of the Library President Judy Hammen said. “We used every room except for the office.”

To get an early crack at the wide variety of books, people are invited to become members of the Friends of the Library organization for an opportunity to browse the books Wednesday, a day earlier than the general public.

Even if people do not join the Friends, Hammen still encourages everyone to get to the sale early because it is a heavy traffic event, and people often travel from out of town to attend.

“I have a lady who comes from Dixon with a group of friends every year and they make a day out of it,” Hammen said. “There’s a lot of people that come back every year.”

She also believes having the sale in September, with winter right around the corner, is another reason for its success.

“People come in and get boxes of books and say “well, I’m ready for winter”,” Hammen said. “When winter comes, reading is a good hobby, especially for older people.”

Whatever the reason may be, Birtell is thankful the event takes place and happy that people continue to work for the betterment of the library.

“It’s very important that people come and support the Friends of the Library,” Birtell said. “They’re lifesavers.”



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