The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 5, 2012

Fulton moves forward on making intersections safer

By Katie Dahlstrom
Herald Sports Writer

FULTON, Ill. — More changes to a Fulton intersection are on the way in order to increase vehicle and pedestrian safety.

The Fulton City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance to add stop signs to the intersection of 10th Street and 11th Avenue on the east and west sides of the intersection, making it a four-way stop.

The council moved last week to change the yield signs on the north and south sides of the intersection to stop sings.  

This is one of six intersections in the town that was altered to increase safety.  

Fulton Police Chief Jim Rhoades requested the yield signs be changed to stop signs at the intersection of 11th Street, 10th Street and Eighth Street at 13th Avenue; 10th Street and Eighth Street at 12th Avenue; and 10th Street at 11th Avenue because of accidents, line-of-site issues and pedestrian safety.  

The intersection of 10th Street and 13th Avenue alone produced three serious accidents in the past year, according to Rhoades.

“It’s a good thing for public safety,” Rhoades said following the council’s approval to add the second set of stop signs at 10th Street and 11th Avenue.  

Unity Christian School sits on the southeast corner of the intersection while School Park sits on the northwest side.  

“It will slow down traffic by the school,” Rhoades said. “I’m also concerned about children walking to school and other pedestrians.”