The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

May 31, 2014

Charitable incentives available

The Clinton Herald

---- — FULTON, Ill. — Incentive packages are being offered to Fulton businesses to establish charitable foundations.

Now through June 30, the FACE community foundation will allow Fulton-area businesses establishing a $10,000 endowment by June 30 to qualify for an additional $2,000 in incentives. Up to two businesses can take advantage of the incentive package.

According to FACE, a business can establish the endowment through FACE, which is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend, by June 30.

That business will then present a $1,000 grant to a local charity of its choice, with the money coming from the Great River Bend’s general granting funds.

Next summer, the business that started the endowment would present an additional $1,000 grant, which could be up to four $250 grants, to Fulton charities. In addition, starting in 2015, the business’s $10,000 endowment would provide about $450 annually to be granted toward charities.

For more information, contact FACE Director Connie Koehn at (815) 589-2646 or by emailing