The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 5, 2013

Apple Walk is Sept. 12

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — FULTON, Ill. — An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and the city of Fulton will feature that healthy treat at the second Food Walk in downtown Fulton from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 12.

The walk is free of charge and is organized by the Fulton Chamber of Commerce. It serves as an opportunity for people to get out in their community and enjoy the local businesses they have available to them.

“It’s an opportunity to promote our local businesses and a way to get people into the downtown area of Fulton,” Chamber Director Heather Bennett said.

The idea for the food walk came last year in the form of a 100 year birthday celebration for the buildings of Susan’s Calico Creations and Wendel Repair Service.

They decided to host a chocolate walk in an attempt to bring the entire community together to help them celebrate the milestone.

Because of the food walks success, the Chamber came to Susan May, of Susan’s Calico Creations, and asked if she would be interested in doing it as an annual event for the city.

After she respectfully declined, the Chamber then took it into their hands to make it a featured chamber event for the year.

“We want it to be successful again this year so, we are promoting it more now that the chamber is in charge,” Bennett said.

Although the first walk was dedicated to chocolate, Bennet said the chamber didn’t want the event to become stagnant so they decided to change the the featured food each year.

When the chamber started researching which food item they wanted to honor for this year’s walk, the apple fell into their laps in an interesting way.

Since the theme of tourism for 2013 in Fulton has been “100 Years of the Lincoln Highway,” Bennett and the chamber board wanted to incorporate that into the walk.

“I started researching food items associated with the Lincoln Highway and it turns out that Abraham Lincoln’s favorite food was apples,” Bennett said. “It worked out well because it’s the perfect time for apple harvest.”

The food will be feature in a variety of ways on September 12, as 10 local businesses take part in creating different pastries, beverages and other apple flavored treats to pass out to members of the community.

Sweet Woodruff, owner Wendy Ottens is making taffy apples for the food walk and the State Farm Agency will offer hot apple cider to guests at the event.

“It’s something fun because it helps the local businesses to be creative in making something without spending too much money,” Bennett said.

The event is aimed to unite members of the community and offer a fun night out for families, but some of the businesses will require participants to be 21 and older to sample their special apple treats.

“There will be some businesses that will be serving alcohol but we chose food as the feature so it could be really family oriented,” Bennett said.

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