The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 6, 2013

Swimming: River Kings rule home pool

By Zach James Assistant Sports Editor
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — Clinton’s swimming team is seeking to do three things this winter: win meets, improve on times and become more disciplined in and out of the pool.

The Kings defeated Davenport North in the season opener 97-72 in the varsity division as well as 107-3 at the junior varsity level’s second competitive meet of the season.

Leading the way for the Kings was captain Trevor Kao. He was responsible for 28 team points in the win but was quick to credit the team for its tenacity in the meet.

“They never quit, never gave up,” Kao, a senior, said. “We saw a lot of time drops, which is what we like to see. Everyone stayed positive throughout the night and hung in there.”

Individually, Kao likes to remain humble about his 28-point appearance. He placed first in 50-yard freestyle and 100-yard backstroke. He also contributed to the medley relays that also placed first.

“I had a decent meet,” he said with a smirk. “My teammates have been pushing me a lot, and we’ve just been pushing each other every time. I’ve seen improvements individually, but there’s always room to get better.”

Clinton coach Albert Hayton believes that the swimmers have the desire to do better and make another run toward the state tournament.

“They produce as a team, and they’re excited to see the results they put out, including seeing drops in times,” Hayton said.

Clinton won multiple events in the meet as a team, including the 200 medley relay, 200 freestyle relay and 400 freestyle relay.

“They bond quite well together,” Hayton said. “They like to challenge each other every minute they’re in the pool.”

Hayton said one of the biggest goals while still early in the season was to keep the swimmers becoming better stroke-by-stroke.

“We want them to keep working harder, and they’ve been doing that so far really well,” Hayton said. “They want to make it to the state tournament, and they set their minds to that everyday.”

One example of that is the junior varsity team. Not only did they throttle their opponent Thursday, they’re also laying the groundwork for what Kao and Hayton think could be some good potential.

“Those kids choose to come in the morning and get after it so they can travel with us on weekends and maybe dress varsity toward the end of the season,” Hayton said.

It showed in the water, too.

“Our team that placed third in the 200 free relay has three underclassmen, and that was awesome to see,” Kao said. “Those guys know what the goals and expectations are; we’re showing them the ropes day-by-day.”

The bar is set high for the Kings, and Kao believes that’s the way it needs to be.

“My freshman year, the bar was set extremely high with the Super Four (Matt Boyd, Andrew Howes, Evan Tuisl, Andrew Tuisl), but it’s set pretty highbecause the captains want to see the team get faster to become better.”

The other captains are Ian Howes, who is out with a shoulder injury helping out with the JV team, and junior Josh Hill.

“Josh shows his leadership by example, working hard in the pool and gets everyone rallied together,” Hayton said.

Hill had two individual second-place finishes.

The Kings return to the pool Tuesday as they travel to Dubuque to face Senior and Hempstead.



200-yard medley relay — 1. Clinton (Trevor Kao, Nate Harden, Josh Hill, Koner Frandsen) 1:50.78; 2. North 1:58.07; 3. Clinton (Aaron Stumbaugh, Cameron Weaver, Ben Lauritzen, Michael Barger) 2:02.24; 4. Clinton (Garrett Stumbaugh, Daniel Shaw, Devante Martin, Zane Jensen) 2:20:81; 5. North 2:31.20.

200 — 1. Carson Peck (C) 2:15.40; 2. Sam Fer (N) 2:20.03; 3. Wayde Carlson (N) 2:25.33; 4. Trevor Kane (N) 2:36.55; 5. Jeremy Regenwether (C) 2:43.90.

200 IM — 1. Brennan Bladel (N) 2:03.85; 2. Josh Hill 2:11.50; Brenden Goellnitz (N) 2:50.13; Hugh Clausen (C) 2:59.89; Jace Bryan (C) 3:11.00.

50 — 1. Trevor Kao (C) 23.23; 2. Ethan Wilkinson (N) 26.60; 3. Cole Neese (N) 28.24; 4. Zane Jensen (C) 29.06; 5. Devante Martin (C) 30.40; 6. Justin Herum (N) 30.83.

100 butterfly — 1. Bladel (N) 56.86; 2. Josh Hill (C) 57.10; 3. Tristan Hughes (C) 1:20.72; 4. CJ Miller (N) 1:30.71; Scott Winter (N) DQ.

100 freestyle — 1. Nate Harden (C) 55.72; 2. E. Wilkinson (N) 1:00.53; 3. Fer (N) 1:00.84; 4. Jensen (C) 1:05.81; 5. Hugh Clausen (C) 1:07.24; 6. Kane (N) 1:08.63.

500 freestyle — 1. Ben Wilkinson (N) 5:36.07; 2. Koner Frandsen (C) 6:29.80; 3. Carson Peck (C) 6:31.53; 4. Justin Herum (N) 6:35.03; 5. Martin (C) 7:35.25.

200 freestyle relay — 2. Clinton (A. Stumbaugh, Lauritzen, Koner Frandsen, Carson Peck) 1:48.67; 2. North 1:50.01; 3. Clinton (Weaver, Barger, Cole Neese, Sam Fer) 1:51.51; 4. Clinton (Jace Bryant, G. Stumbaugh, Jeremy Regenwether, Shaw) 2:06.71, 5. North 2:08.61.

100 backstroke — 1. Kao (C) 1:00.81; 2. A. Stumbaugh (C) 1:10.18; 3. Neese (N) 1:10.78; 4. Carlson (N) 1:14.09; 5. Hughes (C) 1:15.88.

100 breaststroke — 1. Wilkinson (N) 1:11.16; 2. Harden (C) 1:13.98; 3. Lauritzen (C) 1:17.03; 4. Weaver (C) 1:18.60; 5. Goellnitz (N) 1:22.65; 6. Miller (N) 1:43.15.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Clinton (Hill, Frandsen, Harden, Kao) 3:39.23; 2. North 3:50.92; 3. Clinton (Peck, Wilkinson, Barger, Weaver) 4:13.09; 4. Clinton (Hughes, Clausen, Martin, Shaw) 4:51.39.


Clinton 107, Davenport North 3

(Clinton leaders)

200 medley relay — 1. Jacob Jaeger, Kyle Kenworthy, Hugh Clausen, Jace Bryant 2:27.62. 200 freestyle — 1. Stone Raaymakers 2:55.38. 50 — 1. Kenworthy 35.83; 2. Rohan Aggarwal 39.15; 4. Cyrus Colah 47.46. 100 — 1. Kenworthy 1:23.55; 2. Ryan Dalton 1:24.69; 3. Aggarwal 1:30.86. 500 — 1. Jeremy Regenwether 7:40.45; 2. Daniel Shaw 8:50.55. 200 freestyle relay — 1. Jaeger, Dalton, Carlos Perez, Austin Engleking 2:13.64. 2. Eggers, Stone Raaymakers, Aggarwal, Colah 2:36.66. 100 backstroke — 1. G. Stumbaugh 1:27.85; 2. Bryant 1:35.30; 3. Perez 1:43.05. 100 breaststroke — 1. Eggers 1:39.93; 2. Colah 1:54.39; 3. Jaeger DQ. 400 freestyle relay — 1. G. Stumbaugh, Jaeger, Regenwether, Engleking 5:17.74; 2. Kenworthy, Perez, Raaymakers, Eggers 5:32.75.