The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

December 29, 2013

Toys for Tots serves 100s

By Samantha Pidde
Herald Staff Writer

CLINTON — A local Toys for Tots organizer said the program served almost 1,600 children within the past week, and while reports from other communities have surfaced that some parents were attempting to sell presents, nothing like that has happened in Clinton County.

   Posts on Facebook and other reports have indicated some parents were attempting to sell the donated presents for profit. Toys For Tots organizer Mike Fullerton said while this can happen, he has not heard of a case within the county this year. He did know of a recent incident with a woman in Davenport.

   “No one has showed me that it has happened in Clinton,” Fullerton said.

   The Toys for Tots program works to discourage people from selling donated toys by crossing out the bar code and writing “T4T” over it. This is done to prevent people from returning the toys to the stores for cash.

   “But we can’t guarantee that won’t happen,” Fullerton said.

   Fullerton does not believe many people would take advantage of the donors’ generosity by selling the toys. He said these incidents are miniscule when compared to those benefitted by the program.

   Fullerton said he would hate to see this support diminish due to the possibility of a few people taking advantage of the system.

   “I hope it never becomes an issue,” Fullerton said.