The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

September 21, 2013

An Xtreme dealership: Car business celebrates grand opening

By Amy Kent Herald Staff Writer
The Clinton Herald

---- — CLINTON — New businesses continue to pop up all over the city of Clinton and another has joined that list along Lincoln Way.

Larry Thornburg and Pat Delashmutt opened Xtreme Transportation in April, but recently celebrated their grand opening on Sept. 14.

Since their arrival, the pre-owned car dealership has seen a warm welcome from the community and are happy to now be a part of it.

"People here have really embraced us," Thornburg said. "We are very happy with the business so far."

The two moved Xtreme Transportation from its original location in Pleasant Valley, to the old Master Muffler building because of connections with their principle partner and the opportunity for growth they saw in Clinton.

"We thought there was a good market for nice, pre-owned vehicles here, so we decided to come up and give it a try," Thornburg said.

To be sure they were targeting the correct market, Thornburg and Delashmutt needed to do some major remodeling to the old muffler shop before they could move forward with sales.

They replaced the flooring in the office, removed and installed a new store front and cleaned the once functional garage to be used as a gallery floor for the high-quality used cars they sell.

"We have a really big variety of cars here," Thornburg said. "But we're trying to concentrate on vehicles that fall into the $11,995 to $19,995 range that people can buy for around $250 a month."

Affordability and integrity is how Xtreme Transportation likes to run their business, and Thornburg feels that is why his 30 years in the industry have been a possibility.

"Something we really try to push here is that we are very transparent," Thornburg said. "When you come here you're dealing with one person from the beginning all the way to the end."

Xtreme Transportation also handles all the bank financing to assure their customers have a good experience when buying a car.

"People come in here scared and nervous to buy a car, and rightly so. Buying a car is the second biggest purchase a person has in life," Thornburg said. "What I try to do is make it as easy and transparent as possible. I like to know what they need and try to work with them to get that."

To ensure that they are satisfying their customers needs, Thornburg and Delashmutt try to keep around 35 to 50 cars on the lot at all times, offering a wide variety of pre-owned cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans for each individual person.

It is Delshmutt's responsibility to make sure they are offering the highest quality vehicles they can find, and Thornburg's responsibility to make them affordable to the customers.

Because it is only the two of them, Thornburg and Delashmutt work side-by-side ensuring that all the work they put into Xtreme Transportation is for the customers they serve.

"That's kind of our niche," Thornburg said. "When you come to Xtreme Transportation you are going to work with myself or Pat. We will be there every step of the way."

The only thing Thornburg can ask for now, is to continue gaining a strong reputation in the city and hope for sustainability in the future.

"The main thing we are working toward is to have permission in the marketplace to do business," Thornburg said. "People have been happy with the process and the transactions so all we can hope for is to continue along that path."