The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

January 13, 2014

New urgent care clinic a step toward future of health care

By Brenden West
Assistant Editor

CLINTON — With the grand opening of Medical Associates’ Urgent Care Clinic, management feels it is aligning itself with the future of health care.

“Part of this was responding to what our patients are telling us – that they wanted immediate access,” said Tom Moser, chief operating officer. “We know that there are going to be more people with health care coverage who need to get in to see a provider and that it was going to be hard to take patients in at the main clinic. This model will help in that regard.”

On Sunday, Moser, Chief Financial Officer Jim Dobbyn and administrator Beth Spalding helped organize the grand-opening tour of the 6,100-square-foot facility located at 2400 Lillian Drive, Clinton. It contains nine examination rooms, an X-ray machine, procedure rooms and special equipment for employment physical testing. The building even houses space for expansion. (To see photos of Sunday's event, click here.)

The clinic employs seven health care professionals under the direction of Dr. Peter Matos. Sunday served to finalize what Dobbyn said was a nine-month construction process.

“It was part of our game plan to put an urgent care center in town,” he said. “We thought there was a need for a place to see patients on the same day.”

Now, Medical Associates officials feel they can fill a major need for the city. The urgent care clinic serves dual purposes: it serves as a walk-in medical care hub that doesn’t require appointments (urgent care) while also providing occupational medicine. The latter involves employment screenings and is equipped to provide immediate care for employees at local plants among other uses.

All rooms are granted easy access, positioned around a centralized block that Moser said divides the clinic’s two main purposes.

Dobbyn said there was a need for a place local businesses can tap into the Urgent Care center as a resource for typical work-related health provisions. That’s one reason administrators feel they picked a centralized location.

Three main factors allowed MA to settle on Lillian Drive. Dobbyn said the company looked at what area – geographically – had a low health care presence, being near local businesses and real-estate availability.

The facility is located across the street from the U.S. 30 shopping district and up the road from Wild Rose Casino among other major Clinton enterprises. MA listed more than 20 types of injuries and illnesses it could provide care for. However, the facility is not to be confused as an “emergency care” facility, said Dobbyn.

“This would be if you sprained an ankle playing a sport, or had a flu or a cough,” he added. “It’s not emergency services. In many ways, we will have a number of patients who will come in here who need to move on for more immediate care in an emergency room setting.”

The Urgent Care Clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, hours are scaled back to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This is the type of location that encourages immediate, non-life-threatening health providing. People interested should contact 243-1200 for more information.