The Clinton Herald, Clinton, Iowa

February 4, 2014

Treasurer eager to move into annex

By Brenden West
Assistant Editor

CLINTON — Clinton County Treasurer Rhonda McIntyre’s desire to move into the the new county satellite office early could be derailed by Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues at the newly renovated building in DeWitt.

Last week, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors toured the former DeWitt Candlelight building, which has been transformed into the Clinton County Satellite Office. During the board’s Monday meeting, McIntyre asked if her staff members could move in immediately to offer a county location, other than Clinton, for people during tax season.

The county was not planning to move in until at least March, depending on if parking lot bids come back with it being cheaper to do the work before people have moved in. If that is the case, offices would not be occupied until the summer. McIntrye offered to move her staff members out of the building when the parking lot work is being done.

A problem facing this suggestion is that the building currently lacks a handicap-accessible entrance. Chairwoman Jill Davisson had difficulty entering the building for Thursday’s walk through, due to a 9-inch step in the front. McIntyre offered that people with disabilities still have the Clinton office available to them.

“But if we’re opened for full business in that front part, the ADA requirement requires us to have a handicap-accessible entrance to that front part of the building,” Building Maintenance Manager Corey Johnson said.

Supervisor Brian Schmidt suggested the board defer this discussion until after next Monday, when the project bids will be opened.

“Contingent on what the bids are, we’re not sure what the time tables are, because of how the parking lot is put together,’ Schmidt said. “So I think to make a firm decision, let’s wait another week yet.”