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October 25, 2013

Surprise ending to Camanche forum

Former candidate speaks out



After the introductions, the candidates were faced with five questions regarding the prosperity of the city; building a tax base and population; and the role that city services play in the future of the city.

"The city's role is to make Camanche an attractive community by having the best core services, which is our police department, fire department, public works and recreational areas. This will increase the population of the city by attracting new people into the area that will increase our tax base," Kramer said. "No one wants to move into a community that is falling apart."

The remainder of the candidates had their own opinions on how to increase the city tax base, but the majority agreed that increasing residency in the community is the strongest way to raise that base.

City Council candidate Marvin Lind agreed with Kramer that having strong services in the city makes it a marketable and safe place to live, but also believes the city's school system is another appealing feature of Camanche.

Candidate William Wruck also felt the school district was one of the most important focal points of the city but to accommodate a growing community, the council needs to look into creating affordable housing for current and potential residents.

"I believe by growing the city of Camanche's tax base, we have to have affordable housing and a strong school system that people want to bring their children to. By supporting our local and surrounding businesses that we already have and by keeping our town as simple and welcoming," Wruck said.

City Council candidate Mike McManus felt the city needs to build more roads and subdivisions to become more attractive to potential businesses; when businesses come, people come, too, McManus said.

Mayor Ken Fahlbeck has always felt strongly about maintaining and upgrading the city's infrastructure, and feels in order to continue the efforts the council has already accomplished, the council needs to set a five-year plan to repairing inner city streets.

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